The last stage - the Nazi state legalizes wide-scale plundering

In November 1941 the Reich government took a decisive step toward the total dispossession of Jewish assets. While in Germany the deportations began and the SS built the first extermination camps in occupied Poland, the 11th Verordnung zum Reichsbürgergesetz (ordinance on the Reich Citizenship Law) was promulgated. This determined that the entire property of those deported and murdered was to be forfeited to the Nazi state.

The 11th ordinance on the Reich Citizenship Law of November 1941. It provided the legal basis for expropriating the assets of deported Jews. (Reichsgesetzblatt)

In 1945 the assets of the Jewish population had either been almost completely destroyed or split up among the profiteers. The state, Nazi institutions, individual party officials, companies or private individuals had appropriated the former property of the Jewish population.

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