Ideology as part of everyday life at Allianz

Allianz work troops marching on the First of May in Berlin.

Like every company, Allianz figured in the history of this era - as early as 1933 employee representatives were replaced by NSDAP activists. Freely elected works committees were dismantled.

The functionaries of the Nazi Employees' Organization were charged with mobilizing and indoctrinating employees in line with Nazi ideology. This was accomplished through regularly staged rituals - militaristic company roll-calls, the transmission of Hitler's speeches within the company and swastikas on every occasion. From 1933 on Jewish employees were dismissed, partly as a result of government pressure, partly as a result of Nazi forces within the company.

Allianz attempted to oppose the regime's nationalization plans through involvement in pressure groups within the private sector. Agents of public-sector insurance companies were the most formidable opponents of the private insurance industry. Many political representatives sat on their boards and sought to use their political connections to boost business volume for themselves.

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