The meeting at the Ministry of Aviation on November 12, 1938

The session on the pogrom was held in the Reich Aviation Ministry on November 12, with Hermann Göring presiding (Bildarchiv, Preußischer Kulturbesitz, Berlin)

The pogrom was followed by legal orders that were aimed at stepping up the process of "Aryanization", accelerating the emigration of Jews and isolating them even more strictly from the rest of the population. These orders were issued as an outcome of a conference convened by Hermann Göring and held on 12 November, 1938 at the Ministry of Aviation in Berlin.

Since 1936 Hermann Göring had succeeded in establishing himself as de facto "economic dictator" in addition to his many official posts. The goal of his political plans was to mobilize all economic potentials for war and now he intended to appropriate the assets of the Jewish population to that end.

Under Göring's direction about one hundred representatives of the Ministry's bureaucracy and the security services met with experts from the business community to discuss the consequences of the pogrom. The following measures were the concrete outcome of the conference:

  • Under the pretext of atonement for the murder of Ernst vom Rath the entire Jewish community was obliged to make a so-called "expiatory payment" - a lump-sum statutory levy of 1 billion Reichsmarks - to the state.
  • By means of the Verordnung zur Wiederherstellung des Strassenbildes (ordinance for the restoration of the appearance of streets), also decreed by Göring after 12 November 1938, the Reich confiscated any property insurance claims to which German Jews may have been entitled. That affected policies which included civil disturbance insurance. All shop owners were obliged to repair any damage to their businesses. The compulsory "Aryanization" of all business enterprises was to be pursued as quickly as possible.

These measures were followed by a flood of new discriminatory regulations. Within a few weeks the regime robbed the Jewish population of a plethora of every-day rights and liberties.

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