Max Beier: Business canvasser and member of the SS

As of 1940 Allianz cultivated business relations with enterprises belonging to the SS. An important role was played in this process by individuals such as Max Beier (1889-1945). Beier was a successful sub-director of Allianz's Berlin regional office and had close links with the SS. He acquired considerable business in connection with the insurance of facilities of Deutsche Ausrüstungswerke (DAW), which was part of the SS-Wirtschaftsbetriebe (SS commercial enterprises) conglomerate.

Max Beier (1889-1945), Deputy Director of Allianz’s Berlin office

Allianz sold fire and marine insurance policies to SS-Wirtschaftsbetriebe to cover buildings and goods belonging to the various SS manufacturing facilities located in concentration camps. In most cases Allianz transacted this business as a member of a consortium made up of a number of insurance companies.

Representatives of the insurance company were granted access to concentration camps in singular cases. For example, in 1940 Deutsche Ausrüstungswerke granted Max Beier access to the Dachau concentration camp in order to inspect the camp's manufacturing facilities prior to drawing up the terms and conditions of a fire-insurance policy.

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