From inquiry to claim

A. Every inquiry Allianz Leben receives, directly or through the ICHEIC offices, is treated in an individual manner. It is immediately checked at the central registry of Allianz Leben which lists several million entries of persons who had applied for life insurance policies in those years.

B. If the person's name (or variations of it) appears in the central registry, a search for the actual policy file is then conducted at the central archive of Allianz Leben.

Filing cabinets with records of life insurance policies issued by Allianz Lebensversicherungs AG

C. At the same time the federal and state restitution offices are contacted by Allianz Leben to establish whether the policy claimant did receive compensation under the German Federal Compensation Act or other German compensation schemes.

D. An offer will be made

  • if the policyholder was persecuted under the Nazi-regime and
  • if no record of compensation is found but the person's name appears in the central registry and a contract has actually been signed and
  • if the policy was confiscated or paid into a blocked account and has not been paid out to the state.

The amount is set according to the procedures set up by the International Commission (ICHEIC).

Life insurance files in the central archive of Allianz Lebensversicherungs AG

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