Allianz's Jewish and non-Jewish customers

In the 1930s and 1940s several million people had life insurance policies with Allianz. The number of policyholders rose significantly in the years immediately before and after the beginning of the war. It is impossible to place an exact figure on them, as a large number of the policies were also taken out as collective policies with institutions of the state or the Nazi party. These were frame contracts concluded with the same terms and conditions as individual policies for a large number of, say, members of a particular profession, such as teachers.

A customer's religious confession was irrelevant to the insurance company when issuing a policy. Consequently Allianz had no category or special designation for Jewish policyholders. From the documents on which the life insurance policies were based it was not possible to distinguish between Jewish and non-Jewish policy holders. Only if the actual life insurance file still exists is it possible to establish from this paper whether a policyholder was Jewish or not. The number of Jewish customers can only be estimated from the information on hand.

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