Registration of Jewish assets by the state

Since early 1937 the Nazi regime had considerably increased the political and economic pressure on the Jewish population. The political framework of this process was the four-year plan, the purpose of which was to prepare Germany's economy for war. It was in this connection that the expropriation of Jewish assets took place.

Form for registering assets of Jewish citizens, 1938 (Berlin, Landesarchiv)

In spring 1938 Hermann Göring issued a decree obliging all Jewish citizens of the German Reich to draw up a detailed overview of their assets. All assets worth more than 5000 RM (Reichsmark) were subject to mandatory registration. Jewish people had to enter details of all land and buildings, cash, securities, life insurance policies, works of art, jewelry and precious metals in their possession on official forms. From then on this information served the authorities as a basis for the "Aryanization" of Jewish businesses and the systematic despoliation of Jewish property after the Night of Broken Glass.

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